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Municipal educational landscape

The city of Jena aims to create the best possible conditions for the upbringing and education of all children and young people. Adults should also have the best possible conditions for their educational interests, from vocational training and further education to learning in their free time.

The ongoing development of Jena's diverse and high-quality municipal education landscape for people of all ages is evidence of our motivation to consistently shape education locally.

"Municipal education landscape" refers to an urban education policy strategy with the aim of offering all children, young people and adults the best possible framework conditions and diverse opportunities for their development, learning and education processes.

In particular, young people in disadvantaged circumstances and difficult living conditions are to be supported better and more effectively. Educational equality and equal opportunities are the guiding principles here.

The main aim is to break the link between social background and educational success. This claim is formulated in particular in Jena's educational mission statement "Sharing responsibility for education".

The city of Jena understands the term "educational landscape" to mean sustainable, professional education networks that are managed and coordinated by the municipality, are politically desired and focus on the people who learn. Education encompasses all places and processes, from early childhood education to school, training and further education, studies and all forms of learning in leisure time.

The term "school landscape" is often used to describe the historically grown schools, their changes and cooperations. In Jena, the school landscape is an important part and also a separate form of the educational landscape.

School development processes and issues of quality development are central to this, as is municipal support for these developments. Numerous partners from youth welfare, culture and sport support Jena's schools and contribute to the diversity of Jena's school landscape.

The term "extended school sponsorship" stands for this municipal perspective, which goes beyond the traditional tasks of a municipality in school matters.

The term "Local Educational Landscape Jena" refers to a strategy developed specifically for Jena for cooperation between schools, youth welfare services and other non-school partners.

The aim of this strategy is to develop locally coordinated educational offers between schools and youth welfare services as well as other cooperation partners based on the Lobeda and Winzerla social areas, which contribute to social learning, promote the talents and gifts of all children and enable inclusion.